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There are many reasons to join the Laguna Beach Parents Club (LBPC).  Just ask an LBPC member, they'll tell you that the benefits are endless.



Our members look forward to all of our family events. They are well attended and a ton of fun for the entire family! Some of our annual events include:

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Summer Picnic at the Park             

  • Halloween Walk and Trick or Treating on Forest Avenue

  • Sawdust Holiday Tree Craft and Lighting Ceremony

  • Holiday Mom's Night Out



Playgroups are a great way to meet families with children the same age.  They help you establish connections and often lifelong friendships for your children. We have a Big Kids group and playgroups for kids 5 and under (determined by the year your child was born).  Age appropriate activities and events are arranged monthly by a volunteer playgroup coordinator.  

Once you sign up, you'll be contact by both the new membership coordinator and your playgroup coordinator. Welcome to the club! 



LBPC is comprised of parents at all stages of life – some are first time parents while others are well seasoned.  Sharing experiences and knowledge helps each of us grow and flourish as parents.   Parenthood is a journey and definitely more fun when shared together.



As a club, we are proud of our community outreach. We conduct several annual events to help members of our community, right here where we live. In addition to our annual events, we engage our children in activities that help foster a sense of community while giving back. Community Outreach activities have included a holiday toy drive for the Laguna Food Pantry, fundraisers for various local charities, a Gala to benefit locals in need, and community service events​.



Many people in the Club appreciate and look forward to our parents-only social events. Parenting can take a lot of you and we need those times, without kids, to help us unwind with adult conversations. Our monthly socials provide moms and dads an opportunity to meet new friends and share (or sometimes commiserate) in the joys of parenting.


Our Book Club meets monthly to discuss great reads. Book Club is a social gathering that gives parents yet another opportunity to get out of the house and read literature once again. (Hey! It’s okay to put down the baby books for awhile).


All Club members receive a monthly newsletter to keep them abreast of Club happenings. The newsletter lists upcoming events, provides announcements, celebrates our accomplishments and provides useful parenting tips. It also gives us an opportunity to welcome our new Club members.

Friends at the Beach
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