It takes dedication to keep the LBPC thriving. And we need your talent! The LBPC is only as good as its volunteers. There are no paid positions, we freely give our time.  So, it's up to each of us to get involved.  It takes a multitude of people to plan events, manage the calendar, and keep the club afloat.  


Board Positions (Elected)


None available

Non-Elected Positions


Want to share your enthusiasm for fitness with the LBPC Club members and their little ones?  The Fitness Ambassador role may be for you. As the Fitness Ambassador you will be in charge of organizing fun and entertaining fitness events for our community of little ones. 


One of the many great benefits of the Club is the Playgroups. When a new member joins in order to get them familiar with the events and club a small subgroup is the way to go. The playgroups are a perfect way to meet new moms and their little ones. If you love getting people together and organizing events for fellow club members, this is the perfect position for you!

Contact LPBC at for further information.  Looking to get involved, but don't see a position that is a fit?  Feel free to reach out.  We are always looking for more help!

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