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The perks of membership include: access to RSVP to member-only events and playgroups, membership in our private Facebook group to connect with other members and received recommendations/referrals, a monthly newsletter, and information/resources local to Laguna Beach. 


Laguna Beach Parents Club members must live or work in Laguna Beach, or have a child that attends school in Laguna Beach (public or private). Members must have at least one child, or be expecting a child (guardians, adoptive, and foster parents are also welcome). All types of parents – including single parents, working parents, and same gender parents are welcome to join. The requirements are in place to ensure that members share similar life characteristics (e.g., children) and they have some physical tie to the city of Laguna Beach (school, work, or residence).  This requirement helps strengthen the sense of community within Laguna Beach and the Club.


Annual Club dues are $89. The membership term is one year from the date of enrollment. Club dues cover administrative and operating expenses such as event expenses, postage, printing, legal filings, liability insurance, advertising, online service provider fees, public website maintenance, speakers and workshops. All LBPC leaders are volunteers and not paid.

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